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Why I need to quit my job

There’s a very intense man lecturing me about why I need to quit my job. He doesn’t seem too expert at making videos because he has the microphone in shot. I think maybe he is in his garage, because in the background is a red sports car. I’m assuming the car is there to signify the man’s ability to spend money on such things, even though he doesn’t have a job. Because having a job is very, very bad, and something he thinks I should definitely stop doing.


Alex Becker

As soon as I start researching how to make money online, Alex Becker begins to pop up regularly in YouTube adverts that appear when I’m trying to watch something else. His advert tells me I should click to participate in his event: ‘LIVE: watch Us Build $10K Online Biz In 20 Days’ which is starting in five minutes. So I click, and here I see Alex, getting out of his car, and walking over to sit in his CEO office chair in his garage, the microphone and pop shield in front of him. He’s checking how many of us are there, waiting for the participants to join him. There are nearly 300 of us, which is quite impressive. There’s a comments sidebar where we can contribute to discussion. It’s not that useful though, because a note above it says:

Hey everyone! This is Beckers support staff! Be sure to comment/respond as we can see all your comments! You will not be able to see others comments because some people can become very distracting live! Remember : We give out prizes at the end of the call to the most engaged attendees!

A photo of Alex becker with his car in the background
Becker in his garage

Not So Live Webinar

Alex seems to like the sound of his own voice, because he scarcely takes a breath once he starts talking. This presentation, he says, is the ‘Cliff’s Notes’ version of his system. It isn’t going to tell me how to do it (it’s going to talk around the matter). He starts with a lot of negatives. Things I won’t learn, things I shouldn’t be doing, and how I should not even try to do it the way he did, because that moment has passed. Then he starts on a long story about his friend Matt. It’s a diatribe against ‘the machine’ – going to school, getting a job, working for someone else. I’m beginning to think Matt might be some kind of anti-capitalist. It’s basic level Marxist analysis: the bosses own the means of production and they extract surplus value from the workers, who get further and further into debt. I’ve got a feeling though, that this is not moving towards a call to the masses to rise up in violent revolution against the system.

I make a couple of comments on the chat bar, but it seems pointless. He’s not reading them. No one is reading them. Other people’s comments are not shown, not because they are distracting, but because no one else is here. This is not a live event at all. I am quite possibly the only person watching it right now. If you come across his advert you can probably join the call too.


The Road to Freedom

Once it dawns on me that the description of the event is somewhat misleading, I am suspicious of everything Alex says to me. Furthermore his hectoring manner is starting to wear me out. He is not telling me anything I don’t know. Sometime, if I keep listening, he will get to the point of this story, but I have yet to get any useful information, and I feel my will to live slipping away. I don’t know how long the video is, but if I am watching him ‘LIVE: Build $10K Online Biz In 20 Days,’ we still have 19 days, 23 hours and 35 minutes to go. I can’t wait any longer to find out the great revelation he received from his friend Matt, so I give up and switch it off.


Research: the Real Facts

I am disappointed in myself that I have failed to properly research Alex Becker, having given up on his video 25 minutes in. So I google him to find out more.

Alex Becker is a tech and nutrition entrepreneur known for founding multiple 7 and 8 figure companies, his two much recent being Market Hero and Spekter Labs.

– I learn at (two much!)

It turns out what I missed by tuning out early was an introduction to Becker’s Shopify dropshopping course H-Com 2020. Wait, what?

The H-Com (Hero E-Commerce) Program is a 10-week online program with the sole goal of creating a Shopify store and getting it profitable in as short of time as possible with step by step proven methods taught by E-Commerce experts making at least $500,000 a MONTH in revenue.

So says the H-Com website. As with Amazon FBA, I would source the products and someone else send them out. Unlike Amazon, I have to A) build my own website and B) I don’t get stock sent to Amazon, but must rely on my suppliers to send out the orders directly to the customer.

screengrab of the so-called 'limited time offer' to join H-Com
Becker’s H-Com ‘Limited time offer’

Simple Affiliate Funnel

I had to give my email in exchange for participating in his LIVE experience, and Becker is bombarding me with emails, all filled with a sense of urgency. There is still time for me to sign up to his H-Com scheme at a massively discounted price of $1997, but the clock is ticking.

I ignore the mail and he subsequently offers me a cheaper option, H-Com Lite. It’s free to try out, but only for a limited time – I have just two hours to take up the offer. After that I have to pay the full $1006. Luckily Becker’s ultimatums are flexible. Clicking on a link sent three days ago that gave me just 24 hours, I find the offer is still very much available, though the countdown timer is on 11 hours and 59 minutes. I click through to see what the deal is. The ‘lite’ offer is as follows:

The 8x Academy 2.0 – Build A $5,000 Per Month Business In 30-60 Days
The 8x 2.0 Academy is a step by step blueprint for total beginner and veteran marketers that shows how to build a $1k-$5k per month business in 30-60 days by building simple affiliate funnels and membership funnels that generate $1-$2 for every person that enters. You will see exactly how to start and grow this business with zero investment, experience and get sales as soon as tomorrow!

Not only that, but I get the Video Market Accelerator (VMA): Learn the secret algorithm crushing techniques Alex Becker uses to get 100-200k views on videos.

I can get a free trial, but only if I enter my card details, and I will then have to cancel within 7 days if I don’t want to pay the full whack. While I would dearly love to build a simple affiliate funnel (whatever that is), I’m not at the point where I will to hand over my card details to a shouty intense man who has been less than reliable in his communications.



Alex Becker is clearly a driven man, who has made a lot of money and has many thoughts about how things work. His online presence is a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff. I expect his program is quite exciting, and might well involve learning similar sales techniques to him (possibly including lots of ticking timers to fake deadlines). It is almost certainly a lot easier than trying set up something yourself from scratch. Is it worth the investment of a couple of grand? Will you make money? There’s 30 day refund guarantee (though Becker’s days might not be the same length as ours), should I risk it?

If you have experience of Alex Becker’s course, or just have an opinion on his presentation, please leave a comment below!

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Hi Alex, this is cute. It feels like a preview to a movie. Maybe you should start writing books with your writing skills. Well done


Thanks Marisa for you kind comment! I’m glad you enjoyed it and I will continue to hone my writing skill here and elsewhere!


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